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For each Duvet cover we produce, we save more than 20.000L of fresh water


We want to offer you the possibility to buy any of our fabrics to empower your creativity or just to adapt to your demand.

Contact us for a quote. We do sell by meters, up to 50 meters rolls. Width : 295cm.

Description of fabric, down bellow.

ALMA GREEN has developed two kind of fabrics.

The first one, TULA is a soft mix of recycled cotton and organic cotton. The subtle mix of them, create a product with a minimal environment impact. The certificates GRS, OEKO-TEX, Organic Blend are the best guardians of the quality and transparency.

Our fabric saved more water than any other cotton yarn ever produced, thanks to the process, which enables to recycle used textiles and avoid the necessity of dyes, thus reducing the chemicals to zero. Organic cotton, improves soil health, biodiversity, and used no irrigating waters.

This fabric is perfect for Bed linen, Cushions, Home wear, decoration, bags, and fashion.

It comes in many Colors, stripes (JAYARA) and squares (SIMHA).

It can also be digital printed on demand. (ARTIST).

The second line, IKALILA is a combination of two of the best natural fibres in terms of comfort and hypoallergenic. Its cultivation and transformation into linen is a super environment-friendly process. Our European flax linen is breathable and soft, and mixed with recycled and organic cotton, it’s a perfect mix for sensitive skin. The more you wash and use this fabric, the softer it becomes.

This fabric is perfect for bed Linen, Curtains, cushions, Home wear, bags and fashion.

It comes in two Colors, White and Beige Vigore.