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Saving the planet

One sleep at a time

Alma Green Design - Saving the planet

Our promise

We produce sustainable bed linen and custom fabrics made in Spain and based on recycled and organic cotton with innovative packing to reduce waste.


Circular & Sustainable

Our Circular & Sustainable production process: where innovation meets eco-friendliness, ensuring a greener future through responsible resource management and minimal waste.


Water saver

Our Water Saver process is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize water usage, helping to conserve our planet's most precious resource while maintaining top performance and quality.


Local & ethical

Our Local & Ethical approach ensures that we support our community and uphold the highest ethical standards, sourcing materials responsibly and fostering fair practices in every step of our production process.


Reusable packaging

Our Reusable Packaging initiative reflects our commitment to sustainability, offering durable and eco-friendly packaging solutions that can be used multiple times, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Our story

Meet us

We embarked on the journey of ALMA GREEN Design, after years of experience in the textile industry, in projects that were produced at a rapid pace and that generated tons of waste year after year. Our passion for fabrics, nature and design led us to promote a project that would generate a positive change in the world.

Alma Green Design is a brand of sustainable bedding designed and produced in Spain by Sylvie Degrange and Hélène-Marie Ceillier. We rethink each stage of creation and recycle the raw material taking care of every detail, so that you rest on the sheets with the smallest ecological footprint in the world.

Alma Green Design - The team
Alma Green Design - The process
Our approach

Circular & sustainable production

We had a dream. Create a responsible brand from the cradle to cradle. We researched and did a lot of tests until we found the result we were looking for. A new thread, generated from fabrics that were no longer used for a collection of household, sustainable and circular clothing.

The fabrics are made from a perfect mix of recycled cotton and organic cotton. The softness of the colors we have achieved without using dyes and saving 10,000 liters of water with the production of each sheet.

How we do it

Local, fair fashion

We are lucky to work with a team of suppliers that have helped us make our dream come true. We wanted to have production close by, to differentiate ourselves and ensure the quality and transparency of the entire process.

We find reliable partners in Valencia and Mataró, very close to Barcelona where our offices are located. In this way we can better control production and ensure the perfect combination between the high-tech recycling industry and the workshops where ethics, fair payment and harmony are everything. Come and visit us whenever you want!

Alma Green Design - Local production
Alma Green Design - Social impact
People first

Social impact

ALMA GREEN Design starts from the idea that nothing is impossible and that something more can always be done. For us, creating a product based on the circular economy is closely linked to its social contribution. And that is how we went one step further with our collections.

We work on the concept of the brand, incorporating ethical and fair processes with people, beyond the process itself. That is why we decided to collaborate with the social workshop of the Fundació Roure and the NGO Sparking Minds.