Innovative packaging

Using reusable packaging for a better world

Alma Green Design - Saving the planet
Making a difference

Zero waste packaging

No plastic, no boxes, only your purchase and some important messages.

As a company, we look for sustainable solutions that respond to the needs of our customers, in all our products. And here we also incorporate the packaging.

If our products are made with recycled fibers, and we want to give a new life to textiles, the packaging could not be less. We use reusable textile material to wrap your sheets, with a bag that you can use again and again.

Our system


We send you the items you buy in our online store, with the innovative RePack service. A super simple solution for a growing problem.

When you receive your order at home, it will come with a reusable packaging envelope up to 20 times, which will save the world from so much extra packaging.

You can return the envelope without any cost or fill it with your old sheets again and send it to us so that we will take care of giving it a second life. So easy! Best of all, RePack reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80% and there is no waste in between.

What you get

The rewards

Recycling our packaging has a reward. We tell you how to get it!

If you send it empty, you just have to leave the RePack envelope, in any mailbox without any additional cost. You will receive an email with a code of 10% discount, or more, in all stores that use the same shipping method.

And if you send us the bedding that you no longer use, we will also send you a discount code of 15% plus the free shipping costs, for your next purchase in our online store. Being part of the Circular Economy is good for the planet and for you too!