Unique & sustainable

Recycled cotton bed linen & homewear

We collect old textiles and transform them into new yarns to create sustainable home textile with the smallest eco footprint on earth.

Alma Green Design - Bedroom

Rethink. Recycle. Relax.

We save resources and reduce waste to minimize the impact of all our products and promote the circular economy. Join the Circular Experience and share your best moments with ALMA GREEN Design
Circular, Local & Sustainable Production
Circular, Local & Sustainable Production
Circular, Local & Sustainable Production
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Your wellbeing

Goods for a better sleeping

Enjoy a good night sleep in our sustainable, colorful and unique bed linen. You can mix and match our designs and create the perfect look for your bedroom.


Circular & Sustainable

Our Circular & Sustainable production process: where innovation meets eco-friendliness, ensuring a greener future through responsible resource management and minimal waste.


Water saver

Our Water Saver process is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize water usage, helping to conserve our planet's most precious resource while maintaining top performance and quality.


Local & ethical

Our Local & Ethical approach ensures that we support our community and uphold the highest ethical standards, sourcing materials responsibly and fostering fair practices in every step of our production process.


Reusable packaging

Our Reusable Packaging initiative reflects our commitment to sustainability, offering durable and eco-friendly packaging solutions that can be used multiple times, reducing waste and environmental impact.


What our customers say

“Sleeping for over 5 years now, almost daily with different duvet covers from ALMA GREEN Design. It's super cozy, especially during the winter months, 100% recommendable.”

Rubén Sey

"Eco-friendly and super soft! Love my ALMA GREEN Design bed linen."


"I love my bed linen from ALMA GREEN Design! It's super soft and comfy. Plus, it feels great to know I'm doing something good for the environment. Definitely my go-to for eco-friendly bedding!"


"I couldn't be happier with my ALMA GREEN Design bed linen. The recycled cotton is so soft, and I love that I'm supporting a brand dedicated to sustainability."


"Love my ALMA GREEN Design bed linen. Soft, stylish, and green!"

Dana T.

"Sleeping on ALMA GREEN Design's recycled cotton bed linen is a dream. It's super cozy and knowing it's eco-friendly just makes it better."


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