Ethical time, the platform to dress as you think

September 12, 0019
2 min read
Ethical time, the platform to dress as you think

Dressing as you think today is easy.

There are many clothing brands that doesn’t produce what they preach. This was Ignasi’s main challenge, the creator of Ethical Time, when he began to decide on his own where he could buy clothes to wear as he thinks.

At this point, he started to incubate the idea of creating a digital platform including all those brands with values. Ethical brands which deserves a special place.

Ignasi wanted to help anyone with a restless minds. But that wasn’t all. He wanted to help all those people with sustainable principles who didn’t know where to start.

As a result, Ethical Time’s goal goes beyond being a platform to dress as you think. It wants to become a community of responsible people and brands around fashion.

The trend towards fashion sustainability is clear. And the consume deserves true information of proven quality about the brands.

Sustainability has a certain degree of complexity with several factors that can modify the final result.

Consequently, consumers doesn’t know all these factors that make a brand truly sustainable. And in addition, not all buyers apply the same purchase criteria.

Therefore,  Ethical Time offer different searching options:

  1. Collaborative Market. The users can search for the product they need and filter according to the parameters they prioritize: decent work, local production, vegan and social project.
  2. Map of physical stores. A European scope map, addressed to those users who prefer to touch and try on clothes before buying them.
  3. Find out if your brand is ethical. A search engine that aims to strengthen ethical brands and allow users to search if their preferred brands are sustainable.

Ethical Time is the alternative platform to the current textile industry to dress as you think.

Textile industry due to its high production, not only pollutes excessively but also has less transparent and less ethical production processes.

Ethical Time borns with the aim of becoming a European platform to bring together all brands and stores. All of them committed to a more sustainable fashion.

For all this, we do not hesitate for a moment to realize that Alma Green Design should be part of Ethical Time.

Alma Green Design is the first and only digital brand in the home textile sector, based on the principles of circular economy. From now you can find our products on the Ethical Time platform.