The productive cycle

Our process

Rethinking each stage of our product

Alma Green Design - Saving the planet
The confection

Recycling the cotton

Recycling the cotton is one of the main pillars of our brand. We differentiate ourselves because we transform cotton textile waste into a new and recycled yarn, to produce linens with a durable and quality fabric.

The process we have implemented prevents more waste being generated, offering you the possibility of sending us your old bedding to reintroduce it back into the production cycle.

We rethink each stage of our product, to close the cycle of its useful life, for the common benefit of all.

Alma Green Design - The process
The location

Our factory in Valencia

We were looking for a supplier specialized in the manufacture of recycled yarns and fibers, and we found it in Valencia. In Hilaturas Ferré, they also use state-of-the-art technology with exquisite quality control.

They develop and manufacture Recover Fiber, composed of highly sustainable supra-recycled premium textile yarns for the home. And in his technical laboratory we were able to produce a resistant and soft fiber, three fabrics based on recycled cotton yarn and our own colors and patterns.

Planet first

Higg Index

The Sustainability Index of Higg Materials is a material qualification tool that allows comparing raw materials, from extraction to the assembly of the final product.

Recover Fiber with which we manufacture our products, has been identified as the thread with the lowest Higg index in the world.

Other certificates such as Global Recycle Standard (GRS), OEKO-TEX and Organic Blend also guarantee our collection of home textiles.

Now you can sleep with the bed linen made of the most sustainable fiber in the world!

Alma Green Design - Higg Index