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Nature is fragile

September 13, 2020
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Nature is fragile

We all should live in a way we won't kill or damage our beautiful planet

They are saying there is not Planet B, and they are so damn right!

So we better align our actions with our wish for it. There are plenty things to do, starting from

Keeping us from bad materials choices

We guess you know it for sure by now, but still a good reminder never comes bad. Single use plastic has been a fantastic revolution in the 70’s but it has been proven on all levels, how bad it has turn for our blue environment. Not only tonnes of trash impossible to absorb and wastes of raw materials, but microparticles invading our seas, rivers, beaches, soils with devastating impact on living organisms.

And if we extend it to fibers, all plastic fibers, as polyester and all of the same kind, release every time we wash them, billions of microfibers. The impact, thanks to the magnitude of the use of those fibers in fashion (60% of textile is made of polyester fibers), has become a true catastrophe.

But you can do your part, and read labels and boycott those products. Biodegradables items or fibers exists.

And at the end the cost is less! A reusable water bottle, no plastic straw or carrying your own one, are simple solutions. There are hundred of products like this, toothbrushes, plates, glasses, you’ll find them if your paying attention.

Textile is a great solution

We love to think that textiles, can be part of the solution, not the problem. Think about paper towels and napkins, you can replace them by tea towels and fabric napkins. Recycled cotton fabrics is perfect for that. It last years and even at the end of the product life time it can be recycle and turn back into new fibers, and at the end new products again! Circularity is key and possible with cotton.

And what about the plastic bags? All the bags we use for a couple of hours, just to bring things from the stores to home. What if we don’t forget to bring ours? What if we have our favorite textile bag always with us? Just like we never forget our keys when we go out!

Because the idea is not having 20 of them at home because we buy a new one every time we need one!

Fabrics can help us also in the Bathroom. What if we think about all the cotton we throw each day to remove make up, our that we use for our nails polish?  Cotton pads are fantastic to turn to!

The list is endless. It is all on us!

So eyes open in our own home and start switching to a real sustainable life. It is not a trend or a “make me good feeling” here, it is about being all around the next fifty years. Not even for the next generation, just for us. And for the Planet.

We need to take care of both. And doing 1% better every day is the way. It’s not a all or nothing thing, have fun tackling the potentials!