Slow down and reconnect in autumn

October 15, 2019
2 min read
Slow down and reconnect in autumn

Autumn is a season that simmers and perfect to spend more time at home.

Autumn is a good time to slow down.

The season for resting, relaxing and reconnect.

You will surely feel like planning homemade activities, inviting over friends and family, sharing homemade cooking, easy going, reading and resting.

Autumn is a good time to slow down and reconnect. Prepare your home to get that feeling of calm you crave.

Days goes by so fast and at home is where you can get down the pace. And introduce some changes that will help you to carry your daily routine more bearable.

Your home can convert into an oasis of peace where you’ll feel relaxed and easily disconnect from your daily routine.

If you start with the bedroom, check all your items, what you still like and what doesn’t, and the main colors in it.

If relaxing is your goal, you can choose neutral colors like blue for your cushion’s covers and pillows. Which will perfectly match with a wooden headboard or bedside tables.

Avoid synthetic materials in your sheets and duvet covers and instead, use natural materials such as 100% cotton.

These materials are breathable so you will ensure a higher quality of your sleep and resting so it will last all day long.

We spend a third of our life sleeping and if we get a good rest, we will surely notice during the day.

Our proposal today is a combination of fabrics for your bedroom, with neutral colors and blue tones. So you will get the relaxed and intimate ambience you are looking for in your bedroom.

The Simha Raw / Denim Duvet Cover is produced with natural materials such as organic and recycled cotton.

Combined with Simha Raw / Denim pillowcases and Tula Denim it will help you slow down, rest better and get a healthier sleep.

Autumn is a good time to slow down and reconnect your healthy lifestyle at home.

Breakup with your daily routine, make some changes and reconnect with yourself again.