Is it possible to prosper without growing?

September 15, 2020
1 min read
Is it possible to prosper without growing?

Can we create wealth, share it without producing and buying every year more items?

each time we are listening to CEO of well known low cost retail brands, it seems that the only solution is a way up! More and cheaper products, oh yeah “sustainable” ones, but still, more of everything.

What if, instead we could produce goods with more value and a longer cycle of life time? What if we will not have to replace items but we can send them back for repair or recycle.  Let’s think about new valuable jobs and train people to switch from taylorism to more interesting ones!

Governments can use taxes in a much better way, promoting the right products and taxing the ones who pollute.

Today it is not the Planet we have to save, but likely us, the human specie. The project is so exciting!

We all need each other’s. It’s not sustainable fashion against low cost! It’s not organic for the rich and pesticides for the rest! We need to reorganize and rethink how we live, how we buy, how we eat, all at the same time and all together.

Becoming Circular is a way to keep the wheel turning!

We embrace it at ALMA GREEN, choosing recycled fibers, but there are townsend of other ways to look at it! Let’s be creative, all together.