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Trash is for losers

September 9, 2020
1 min read
Trash is for losers

Why packaging is key too

E Commerce is a fantastic tool to reach customers especially lately when most of the shops were forced to remain closed. We are conscious of excess packaging and the impact this has on the environment.  Not only the bags protecting the products, the numerous label or stickers, but also the carton boxes; They all have extreme limited use and end up quickly in trash cans.

This is why we aim to always use packaging made with natural, reusable or recyclable fabrics.

Our linen & cotton bags are great to reuse for storing items, sorting socks & underwear and are especially great to help you organise different categories when packing.

The RePack envelope is made itself of recycled materials and is designed to be re-used more than 20 times. Leaving it, in any Post-Box will be reward with discount on their market-place to discover other fantastic Brands.

And at least, if you do not have any need for your textile bags and would like to return them for reuse by ALMA GREEN DESIGN you are more than welcome to return them to us with your RePack envelope. Will give them another life.

Every single decision you and us are making, is important and has an impact in the future.